Unsubscribe for Outlook on Microsoft 365

The all-new Unlistr app finds and safely unsubscribe unwanted email in Outlook on Microsoft 365.

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U.S. Patent No. 8,935,342
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Finds and Unsubscribes Inside Microsoft Outlook

Unlistr is the simplest way to unsubscribe from junk and subscription email on Outlook.  Simply install the add-in, open the subscription center, and unsubscribe.

Built for Microsoft 365
With Unlistr for Outlook on Microsoft 365, IT administrators can deploy Unlistr across the organization in a few clicks.
Avoids suppression lists and other malicious sources of email that might use your unsubscribe requests to send more spam.

Patented Technology

Unlistr follows a proprietary method
Unlistr safely scans your inbox for emails you don't want - subscription mail, newsletters, and other junk.

Our technology identifies one or more email accounts, scans the inbox associated with the email account, and processes at least a subset of the email messages in the mailbox to identify those originating with a subscription list.

Unlistr surfaces subscription mail in an easy-to-use interface.

Unlistr is an email productivity app that helps email users select and automatically unsubscribe unwanted email.  Using patented technology, Unlistr relays unsubscribe requests when safe, processes unsubscribe links and performs other automated unsubscription tasks. Unlistr also provides customizable features such as the ability to add multiple email accounts and target folders/archives

Unlistr processes your unsubscription requests automatically.

Unlistr looks for key information in the header and body of your emails to determine the most optimal/safe path for unsubscribing your email.

The end result: a cleaned up mailbox!

You're back to inbox zero with ease. Let's go!

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